Top 10 Unusual URL Shorteners

Top 10 Unusual URL Shorteners

What is the top 10 unusual URL shorteners? No doubt you’ve already seen those cute we address links URL but probably only had just a passing interest, if any, in them. Right? This sounds about right!

URL shorteners are supposed to just work without drawing too much attention to themselves. Obviously URL shorteners are web scripts or applications into which you type a web address and the URL shortener will reduce the length of it. It will still be?usable?because the script will redirect users to actual, original address.

This then makes the web address much more lean and useful. The invention and rise of URL shorteners can probably be linked to the popularity in social network sites. This is particularly the micro blogging sites like Twitter where users share links to other sites. Sharing links were?tedious?and garish when the URL were very long; enter the URL shortener! And the rest, as they say, became history.


We thought we’d take a look at some of the top 10 unusual URL shorteners.?Here, in alphabetical order, are the top 10 unusual URL shorteners. And why.

Top 10 Unusual URL Shorteners

  1. – The BBC in the house, to redirect their press releases!
  2. – Libya got in on the act quite early.
  3. – Good to see little Trinidad & Tobago getting in on the act
  4. – No idea what a clig is; it just looked unusual!
  5. – Of course Facebook had to get in there too.
  6. – So too Google, not to be outdone.
  7. – Is it “Is God” or “Is good”? Good dilemma to have. Pun intended.
  8. – What’s a snim? Who cares: it just loks cute.
  9. – Who doesn’t want to be super!
  10. – A one letter domain name? Yep, that’s Twitter!

Top 10 Unusual URL Shorteners (Bubbling Under)

11. – This is ours. We like it even though at six characters it is longer than all the others listed above.

Please feel free to suggest others you think should have made our top 10 unusual url shorteners list.